"me<defunct> in rubbish <defunct> No.7"


“<defunct>”are photographic works, in which he dives into a pile of rubbish without any changes, being mixed with disposed objects.
Piles of rubbish can be created by people disposing. But while people dispose of objects, they do so without paying attention to this architectural nature.Therefore, the piles of rubbish are constructed by this aimless architectural actions as places having no specific function. 
Through being messily mixed with disposed object, and doing actions such as wearing, rubbing, climbing, combining and eating, which cannot be linguistically connected with that place, he experiences impossible realisation of meaning of his action and his existence through this. 
By accumulating this momental feeling of his defunct existence, he gradually disconnect with his attention to his values such as sex, nationality, what he can do, and then he can obtain his autonomous exist, even he is useless.

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