found object




“columbo” is a found object practice, he finds objects which their common functions look hidden in some circumstances in daily life. 
We automatically and unconsciously judge "functions and roles of objects", by data which we have obtained in living in a Capitalist society. For example, as we face “a chair”, we automatically judge “sitting” as the interaction with it.  These will not be decided by whether or not it is broken.
However, objects’ common functions and roles are sometimes hard to find, for example, when they are shabbily littered on the road, or they are messily, roughly mixed like in a vintage market, and characteristic points suggestive of their functions are not visible by covering with cloth or another object.
While objects exist in such circumstances, they probably exist as something autonomous from their common functions and roles, which we define.
columbo is a practice of collecting their existence and to see how they can get an autonomous nature and elusive border of definitions.

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