“I will give you a candy (if you push B)” 
 mixed-media, performance, 



"I will give you a candy(if you will push B)" is performance, which happens in a goods lift with using a fake lift controller.
Left lift controller in the lift was made as the same appearance of actual one. During the performance, this fake lift controller is put on the left side, the opposite side of the actual one. As reacting to which fake switches the viewers push, he then does some actions looking like a stranger, such as saying Hello, giving a candy, blowing a party whistle, wearing an eye mask.
By existing, these two elements which are the fake lift controller and his actions in a lift, 
viewer’s pushing fake switch is caused from his work, at the same time, his actions can happen only from their pushing. 
By presenting the two elements at once, the fake lift controller and his actions in the lift, it forges compulsive connection between the viewer and him, on the one hand, the viewers pushing the fake switch which made by him, on the other hand, his actions could only happened when the viewer pushing the switch.
In this circumstance, the causes of actions are mixed, this gap between who do that and what decide to do it are amplified by this circumstance, and viewers feeling toward unexpected accident such as the lift not moving or their encounter a stranger.
This work is to distrust our intuition, which we think that mainly decides our decisions, and find reliance on it.

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